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Paper Artwork

jostin & woblonky

Hailing from England's smallest city, Jostin returned to art in 2017 after a 20 year hiatus, initially working with mixed media to create single line blind drawings and other pieces, with his primary focus being abstract art with acrylics.

The 2020 pandemic lead him to refocus on digital art where he developed the Woblonky style; characterised by wibbly wobbly wonky smooth sectionals, Picasoesk misplaced overlaps, ballooned / droplet line and segment terminations, and the occasional continuous line.


other styles

Some of Jostin's other pieces include:

- Tom Holland (Spider-man) as a Digital Rorschach

- Liquid Pours using vibrant / metallic paints

- Abstract Paintings where Jostin prefers viewers have the freedom to "see what they need to see"

- Photography & Digital Manipulation

- Pixel Art, including a depiction of himself

- Line & Single Line Blind Drawings

- Pop Art

- Socio-political Art like his "Freak Out & Overreact" subversion of the classic "Keep Calm & Carry On" born of the panic toilet roll buying phase of the 2020 pandemic; a number of Conceptual pieces are also in the works

Paper Craft


Jostin's first group show in 2018, a charity art event in the city of Wells included a postcard-sized piece depicting a waveform interpretation scored into a hand-made white cotton paper panel.

Returning for his second group show, The Cruel & Curious - Nocturne in 2019, Jostin exhibited a second waveform piece, this time on a 2x1 ft canvas using acrylics, varnish and in stark contrast to his first, now in black.

Titled "Midnight" this interpretation from Beethoven's 'Moonlight Sonata', depicts a coal-black sky partly obscured by wispy cloud, which can be seen as you move around the piece, as the light catches it from different angles, representing the moonlight breaking through a dark night illuminating the clouds.

Layered on top of this night-time scene, each imperfect vertical stave vibrates with its own musical energy.


Paper Abstract

purchase art

Jostin uses Voice, a Green Platform for the sale of his art as a way of proving provenance; purchasers then have access to full sized digital images, which Jostin grants a non-commercial, non-promotional reproduction license to. 


Collectable pixel art pieces are also available through this platform for those wishing to patronise Jostin's work.

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